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What We Do

The Energy, Society and the Middle East seminar examines the impact of the global energy sector on the fabric of modern societies in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). The seminar demonstrates the strong and unprecedented role of the oil and gas industries in shaping modern religious institutions, rituals and activism in the MENA region. Some of the major questions underlying the course are the following.


(i) What is the “Oil Curse” and what is the “Rentier State” in the context of Muslim, Christian and other ethno-religious communities in the MENA region?

(ii) What impact do the oil and gas industries have on Islamic pilgrimage, Sunni revivalism, Shia opposition and related subjects?

(iii) What are new MENA initiatives which promote Transparency, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Sustainability? 

The following modules make this seminar comprehensive, as well as fully customizable: 

MODULE 1. Energy Security & Terrorism

MODULE 2. Energy Economics & the "Oil Curse"

MODULE 3. Energy Politics

MODULE 4. The Impact on MENA Culture, Religion & Women

MODULE 5. Responsibility, Diplomacy & Sustainability

El-Badawi Consulting offers unique advice and analysis for clients working on a diverse range of projects on the Middle East. The region’s cultural and political landscape are complex and rapidly changing.


El-Badawi Consulting brings together experience, energy and expertise. For over a decade Dr. El-Badawi has served various industries, including education, advertising, law, publishing, IT, customer service and the non-profit sector. Our international credentials and professional network enable our clients to both grow and ensure they are globally engaged.


Whether seeking in depth research and analysis, or decisive professional solutions, El-Badawi Consulting tailors services to the needs of clients. We serve the Business Sector, Legal Counsel and Higher Education. 

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